Fully Insured with PBIdirect

Pet Sitting Insurance covers all your requirements, including;

Public Liability : should an animal cause an accident or injury or damage someone elses property

Non-Negligent cover : accidental injury to an animal in your care. Up to 20,000

Care Custody and Control : in case the animal is injured or lost due to your negligence

Loss of Key Cover : in case you misplace your clients keys

Personal Accident Cover : should you have an accident whilst at work and as a result your earnings suffer through disability

Employers Liability for any staff you employ.

-Public Liability up to 5,000,000GBP

-Care Custody and Control up to 20,000GBP

-Non Negligent Cover up to 20,000GBP

-Attending Shows up to 5,000,000GBP for up to 6 shows a year

-Loss of Key Cover up to 10,000GBP

-Loss of Money up to 500GBP

Please Ask for Certified Proof of My Insurance